Solar Powered Whatever

Solar energy is an awesome power source for gadgets, and chances are you’ve used it to power a handheld device before. Don’t believe me? Find a calculator.

Of course, the electronics we drool over on this fabulous blog take quite a bit more juice than the standard number cruncher, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use our friend at the center of the system to power them.

Behold the Scotty Pro. This questionably named charger uses the power of the Sun to charge its internal batteries, and then in turn charges up your cellphone/ipod/vibrator/whatever, via USB. Of course, the USB port it has is dumb, it’s just for power, but that’s a trend we see being quite popular this year and more and more gadgets gain the ability to charge via bus power.

The Scotty Pro is $100 or so in those weird British dollars, and is avaialble now. We’re not sure if there’s an amateur addition that might be a little cheaper [Groan! -Ed]

Scotty Pro [I want one of those! dot com]