AT&T/Cingular Intros New Landline to Mobile Calling Plans

So now that Cingular is all AT&Tified, you can expect that things are going to change, hopefully for the better (as Cingular couldn’t get much worse). One change being brought about by the mothership is a new plan it’s calling AT&T Unity.

Unity combines a customer’s wireless plan with their landline plan, allowing free calls between the two (if both of their plans are of the qualifying type). What’s more, it also allows for free in-network calling to any other AT&T wireless or wireline customer. That means free long distance and airtime between all its customers, of which there are over 40 million nationwide.

While an initiative like this is hardly surprising, it is a harbinger of things to come with the new mega-telecom giant. Expect television and broadband packages to compliment Cingular service soon, as well.

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