Sony Drops Four Entry-Level Cyber-shots

Users of Sony digital cameras fall into one of two camps: lovers and haters. Sure, they wield Carl Zeiss optics and have high-end engineering, but they also rely on Sony’s proprietary Memory Sticks (for now, anyway).

If you are one of the believers, check out the foursome of low and mid-range shooters Sony will be shipping next month. With price points of $150 to $200, these point-n-shoots offer 7-Megapixel resolution and other best-of features one expects of Cyber-shots.

The S650 and S700 are pretty similar, the 700 having a .4-inch larger LCD. Both are compact, fixed-focus entry-level cams that require AA batteries for power. The W35 and W55 are slimmer, smaller cams of roughly similar specs, though they use a lighter Lithium-Ion battery for juice, as well as multi-colors bodies.

Hit the link for a full (and I mean full) list of features, broken down per cam. While we think Sony does make decent digicams, we can’t support its use of proprietary memory formats, mostly because it’s just plain selfish.

Sony: four new Cyber-shot Digicams [Imaging Resources]