Elekson Brings SideShow to Bags

I’ve used Windows Vista. I hate Windows Vista. I believe it’s a bloated, copy-cat of an operating system that does more to impress Microsoft’s stock holders than it does to address the legitimate concerns and complaints of unfortunate Windows users.

That being said, there is one part of Vista that I do rather like, an aspect that in fact fills me with the feature envy that we OSX users rarely experience: SideShow. The idea itself isn’t novel, to be sure, but the things that can be done with it are rather exciting. Elekson has come up wiht a laptop bag that does exactly the type of thing SideShow was made to do.

A decent concept product, the Windows Vista Handbag has a small 320×240 full-color LCD on it’s outer flap, along with a seven-buttong control pad. With the screen, you can check your email, get WiFi and battery status, and complete other basic tasks without having to take your laptop out of its bag. If you hang out in the same dive bars I do, that could be a godsend.

This is just a prototype, Elekson doesn’t actually market the products it develops, but rather licenses its ideas to manufacturers, meaning if it takes off, you should be able to take your choice of bags.

Hot new accessory for Windows Vista: a handbag? [SciFi Tech]