KlipschCasting cuts the Cord

Remember a couple of years ago when all the hype was that more speakers were better. So while we haven’t heard much about 6.1, 7.1 or 10.1, or any other combination of large prime numbers, we’re hearing instead about “simulated surround sound.” Those results have been far from stimulating, however Klipsch could change all that with their new “KlipschCasting.” The CS-700 console houses a DVD player and AM/FM tuner (how old school), and uses digital signal processing to “simulate” the surround sound over a pair of two-way wireless satellite speakers. The CS-700 also serves as a base station that can wirelessly transmit over the 2.4GHz frequency near CD-quality audio to other KlipschCast products, such as the RoomGroove transceiver, which in turn can daisy chain to other rooms in the house – if you have house large enough that you’ll need this feature. But considering that a three room system will retail for about $2000 this doesn’t seem aimed at the trailer park crowd.

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