Samsung's Frankenstein Digi

I’m all for convergence items but this is just getting out of hand. Samsung Techwin’s new i70 has a 3 inch LCD, 3x optical zoom, a 7.2 megapixel digi cam with a slide cover that sports “PMP and MP3 playback, SRS support which helps reproduce the original sound, text viewer that enables you to read while listening to music, I(Intelligent)-movie that supports TV quality MPEG-4 (720×480) at 15fps, shake prevention, continuous shooting, and jpeg still/animated image creation feature.”

So maybe none of that would make you think, “so what’s the big deal?” but how about the fact that this frankenstein is HSDPA enabled which means it can receive text messages and download video’s and music.

WTF?!? [Samsung Techwin via Mobile Korea TV]