Roxio Steps In To Make TiVoToGo For Mac A Reality

You may have read about this already, but there is now a legit way to get TiVoToGo on computers running Mac OS X. Yes, it’s true. Mac users can now experience the excruciatingly long transfers of recorded video to their laptops and desktops that only Windows users have been able to have until now. Though none of that’s the fault of Roxio.

Roxio does an excellent job with the whole process from start to finish via an add-in to its MacWorld-launched Toast 8. Transfers are as fast as they can be (it took about 30 minutes to move a 1GB file over a wireless network) and thankfully, Roxio does a snappy job with transcoding the files to make them iPod or PSP compatible.

The moral of the story is, if you’re gonna transfer it, record it at a lower quality. I’ll have a full review of Toast 8 coming, but for now everyone with a Mac should consider the new version a must-have app.

Of course TiVo users will get the added benefit of being able to transfer content from TiVo Series 2 units to their computers (sorry, Series 3 owners, looks like you’re still out in the cold), but there are some other pretty kick-ass features, including the interface (a big, beautiful improvement over 7) and some nice features, including my personal favorite, disc spanning (burning content across multiple discs) that can be used on Mac or Windows systems. A huge benefit to two-OS homes or businesses. And at $99, it’s still priced well, too.