CrunchGear Week in Review: Fabulous Electronics

Heave-ho, boys, and off to CES (or MacWorld)!
Philipp Goedicke

The writing on the wall [1] says that the date looms near
So save and backup files [2-5],
Then take care the welfare of your feline pee-er [6],
And capture burglars’ smiles [7,8].
Make sure than you can capture all the sights [9] and sounds [10],
Strap wheels to both your feet [11],
Have GPS so you can find your way around [12, 13]
In your egg [14] or dolphin [15] fleet.

The time looms near, and, really, now, we just can’t wait [16-18]
We cast prognostications [19-21].
Once there, we’ll lend a voice to all the things you hate,
As per our invitation. [22]
But there’s one gadget we’re not sure we should bring because once you bring it you can’t help using it and once you use it you find out about the icky things in hotel rooms that everybody is aware of but because it’s not immediately visible nobody ever really complains:
Stains. [23]

[1] Ditch iCal, Make Your Office Wall Into A Calendar
[2] SanDisk SSD Ultra ATA 5000 Ready For Primetime
[3] Tough Guy Leather USB Drive
[4] Seagate 1TB Hard Drive Coming Soon
[5] Stackable Hard Drives; Lego Styling
[6] Cat Genie Makes Pooping AutoMagic
[7] Smartvue S4 Wireless Draft-N IP Cam Peeps With Better Range
[8] Solar-Powered Wireless Webcam: Perverted Geek’s Dream Gadget
[9] FujiFilm Drops Three Digicams
[10] Olympus Drops Three Digital Voice Recorders
[11] Rollies: Training Wheels for Sneakers, or Something
[12] Pharos Brings GPS-Enabled Smartphone to USA
[13] Bluetooth Nav System From Samsung
[14] Amazon’s Bezos Shows Off Egg-Shaped Spacecraft
[15] Got Cash And Want Water-Based Thrills? Check Out Seabreacher
[16] Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 01
[17] Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 02
[18] Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 03
[19] MacWorld Rumor Poll: What Say Ye?
[20] The Futurist: What We Will See At CES
[21] Why It’ll Be An iPhone (??)
[22] We’ll Tell Off CE Makers So You Don’t Have To
[23] Stain Detector Helps Detect Grody, Invisible Stains