LG Takes Swinging Lifestyle to Your PC

You’ve got your Superdrives, and your Multidrives, but leave it to LG to create a SuperMultidrive. What is it? Nothing less than an optical drive for your PC that reads both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray DVD, much like the console player we told you about yesterday. That’s the “Multi” part.

The “Super” part is that the dual-format reader can also write to Blu-Ray disks (BD-R/BD-RE), which can store up to 50GB of data apiece, dual-layer style. And it can do it speedily: LG is claiming that you can burn 50GB to a disk in less than 50 minutes. That’s fast, friend.

This kind of back-up and reading isn’t cheap, LG estimates the drive will set you back a little less than $1,200, but for early adopters and digital media pros, the value is there.

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