Noka: The Expensive Chocolate Expose

Noka is some sort of expensive chocolate brand that costs about $2,080 per pound, a considerable investment for something that your body will eventually process into solid waste. DallasFood, a local food blog, decided to take a closer look at the vaunted brand and discovered that a) they do no make or source their own cocoa and b) they’re probably not as good as they claim.

Remember, however, that taste is a very subjective thing. If you put a hunk of chocolate in a fancy steel box and another piece of the same choco in a box labeled “Bird Poop and Incidental Chocolate,” your brain will automatically prefer the fancy brand. I know it’s a bit off topic, but I know you guys like chocolate, so head over and read the thread.

Incidentally, this sort of chicanery happens in many high-end industries including watches, cigars and, of course, technology. If you knew who made your Sony plasma, you’d probably pee yourself.

What’s Noka Worth? [DallasFood via BoingBoing]