Battle Test: Python XM by booq

Meet my new day bag. The Python XM from booq. You might remember its special edition sister the Bianco from a few days ago. Both versions are identical in terms of functionality, but one comes in black while the other comes in a dubious white. The bag is all sorts of stylish and a versatile packer to boot. It’s designed specifically for use with Apple portables, but other laptops could be crammed in its pocket with zero effort.

The Python XM is made from weather-proof ballistic nylon and it feels quite sturdy. As attractive as it is though, the compartments are what makes this a contender. It features a space for pretty much anything you can think to carry. Books, pens, DAPs, laptops, you name it, it has a place. Everything fits snuggly within its compartments and maintains a happy homeostasis with the bag’s other denizen.

Bag’s like these win my heart almost by default, because I so heavily resist messenger bags. I find them far too restrictive. They bounce around and prevent any real agility. If ninja’s strike, you’ll have to either drop your messenger bag or stand and get slain. One doesn’t face these problems with a good backpack. Bags like the Python XM hold to your back tightly and move with you. There is even a sternum strap to prevent float in delicate situations.

If there is any flaw I could find, it’s the size of the MP3 player pocket. The pocket is well-made and keenly positioned, but it’s tiny. I doubt it could fit a regular sized iPod in a protective case. It’s much too small for my Zune in its Belkin Folio. I have to remove it from the case for it to fit.

That’s not enough to prevent it from being a stellar day bag though. It’s outstanding looks coupled with its intelligent design make this an excellent option for style-minded techies who are often on-the-go. It comes with a five year limited warranty and it can be had for $179.99, which, I guess, to many could be considered another flaw. If it’s in your price range, however, I thoroughly recommend it.