Cingular Claims Text Messaging Is “Optional”

So earlier we reported that you could get out of your Cingular contract due to the hike in texting fees. Well apparently if you go and call up Cingular and use this tactic they’re going to throw the following back in your face:

Q. Since Cingular is raising its rates, are customers entitled to cancel service without paying an early termination fee?

A. No, that doesn’t apply here. This is simply a pricing change for pay-per-use text and instant messaging, which is an optional service. It’s similar to buying a ringtone – that’s optional as well. It’s not part of your monthly rate plan.

Customers who pay for text and instant messages on a per-use basis are generally those who use text messaging occasionally. Frequent users generally purchase packages or bundles, so they can send and receive messages for as little as a penny each.”

So in a nutshell, Cingular is trying to pull a big ol’ load of bullshit on you by claiming text messaging is an optional service that isn’t part of your monthly plan. I’m outraged that Cingular is pulling some AOL-esque manipulation here. Have any of you tried to cancel your Cingular account without termination fees and have been shot down? Let us know in the comments.

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