Is This the Apple iPhone? Called the iPhone?

We’re pretty sure you want to know what the iChat Mobile (iPhone from Apple) will look like. So do we. So does everyone. The folks at aMobileME, however, think they do know, and this is the photo.

While we tack this up as bullcrap fake #5543, it does follow some of Apple’s key iPhone patents and share a look that probably isn’t too far off what we should eventually see. In addition, it matches the description infamously given by Kevin of Digg.

What’s interesting is that there are rumors going in circles regarding the iPhone trademark. While Cisco owns it here in America, Apple (and others) own it overseas, which can be used as a way to get it to our shores under the radar. And if you need more proof that Apple is still considering the iPhone moniker for its new handset, head over to and tell us what you see.

Is the name Apple “iPhone” still alive? [aMobileME]