Tiny Desk Heater For The Inherently Frigid

This litte heater isn’t a new, new product, but I wanted to mention it because it totally kicks ass. I’m not big on Sharper Image’s products for the most part, ’cause they always seem a bit cheesy and shoddy. However, my hands get pretty cold, to the point where typing is a chore due to my stiff fingers.

Sharper Image calls it the World’s Smallest Big Heater and while I haven’t done a full survey of the small heater market, I’d have to say it’s gotta be at least high on the list. The 150-watt heater measures 4.75×3.75×3.5 inches, weighs about a pound and plugs into a standard US outlet. It has high and low settings and can work as just a small desk fan, too.

A blue LED indicator ring around the vertically adjustable vent lights up when the heat is on and should you knock it over, it’ll shut itself off. Not bad for $40.