Makayama Gives You One More Way To Watch TV On A Small Screen

In case you can’t tell just by looking at this picture, this woman is very excited to be accessing the digital video on her Windows Media Center PC through one of more than 550 mobile devices with the help of Makayama Interactive’s Mobile TV Center. Or she’s just sitting in a room with a TV pretending.

Either way, the app exists as of today. The software takes the shows that you record with your Windows Media Center, automatically converts and moves them to your mobile phone, iPod, PSP, Pocket PC or Palm. If you have the right ingredients to make it work i.e. a Windows Media Center PC, one of 550 mobile devices and at least 128MB of storage (either integrated or by flash memory card), it seems like a $35 no-brainer for adding TV shows to your mobile lifestyle. Like the woman pictured. Or maybe no.

Makayama Interactive [company site]