JLr7: For People l33t3r Than You

Hey I love intriguing and original design, but on the other hand, I’m nothing if not practical. And as a tech critic, it’s my job to question the validity of products.

So when I saw this JLr7 watch I knew that it falls neatly into the realm of products I’d question heavily. Designed by Eri & Eiichi, the JLr7 features a bunch of L-shaped segments that somehow tell time.

Now, there is a way to read this thing, but honestly, wtf cares? It seems like such a needless and time-consuming endeavor just to have something that looks different. I guess maybe I could see someone wearing it if they had absolutely no intention of using it for time (someone like Raj who likes crap like this), but even still, I think it’d piss me off too much to derive any style from it.

At any rate, the JLr7 can be yours for for about $83. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Product Page

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