CrunchGear Week in Review: iSonnet

Editor’s note: We at CrunchGear think our readers deserve something a little more than just a bland rundown of last week’s announcements, rumors, product launches and reviews. So on Monday mornings we’ve enlisted the help of Philipp Goedicke to write our recaps to complement Bryce Durbin’s illustrations. Fans of National Public Radio’s weekly news quiz show “Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” will recognize Philipp’s name as the writer of the show’s Limerick Challenge. He has a gift for rhymes that he’s agreed to use for evil to create a little tech poetry for your enjoyment. It’s new and different (just like good technology) and we hope you like it. For more on Mr. Goedicke, please check out his blog, Facetiae. –Josh Goldman

I’d like to rhyme, if you’ll give me the chance,
About the Shuffle left in someone’s pants.
I don’t mean iBuzz, ordered to desist, [1]
Nor gadgets, which I’ve ordered in a list:
iClip [2], iGlove [3], iProjector [4], skins [5],
iSoundcap [6], iSight [7] – catching crooks log in – ,
a new adapter and an “action jacket” [8];
Accessories are quite an endless racket.

And product rumors only make me groan.
Without a loan I can’t afford iPhones [9].
Who knows when iTunes might hook up with flights? [10]
No wonder we can’t read their sales charts right. [11, 12]
That’s why I love this solid fact, by gosh:
A Shuffle has survived a Sunday’s wash. [13]

1. Apple to iBuzz: Party’s Over, Pervs
2. Hangman Hands On
3. iGlove for the Frigid
4. The iProjector Hooks Up iPod
5. Skin Your New Shuffle
6. New iSoundCap: One More Way To Look Like A Tool
7. Defend Your Macbook with iSight
8. DLO Tackles 2G Shuffle
9. Analyst Sheds More Light On Rumored iPhone
10. Apple In Talks to Intro iPod Dock Connectors to Airlines
11. Digital Music Sales Failing?
12. iTunes Sales Not Actually Falling?
13. Apple’s 2G iPod Shuffle Can Take A Washing