Skype for Windows Mobile 2.2 beta

Skype has just released the beta version of its Windows Mobile 2.2 software, and it now supports Smartphone Edition. I was never able to get the previous version of Skype for Windows Mobile to work acceptably, but perhaps this version will be different.

In addition to Smartphone support, the new version features an enhanced today/home screen and proxy support. It also has all the regular Skype calling features. And there are mobile device features, like being able to snap a profile pic with your phone camera and post it directly to your profile. Yea it’s obvious, but it’s still cool. I love technology.

As I mentioned before, I’ve never been able to get mobile Skype to work, but the concept is quite appealing to me. I’m going to give this new version a try on my Blackjack tonight and see if it’s as useful as I suspect it could be. I’ll give you guys an update in the near future.

Download Page [via jkOnTheRun]