Laaaaazer Laptop Etchin'

(Kevin Rose shows off his diggbook. You’d be smiling too if you were RICH, oh and if you just got your laptop etched. Yea.)

If you’ve been seeing those laser etched laptops floating around and have been hoping to get one for yourself, then head-on (apply directly to the forehead) over to Adafruit Industries. Adafruit was founded by Phil Torrone, of Make, and Limor Fried. The pair aims to bring laser etching to the masses. It’s by appointment only, but laptops will run $100 and smaller devices, like iPods, will cost $30.

Maybe I’ll get this done when I finally motivate myself to get a new Macbook Pro. Those who have had it done liken it to getting a tattoo, whereas stickers on laptops are like a temporary tat and the laser etched is more manly and permanent.

Laser etching coming to a laptop near you
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