Reader Response Week Three

Greetings all, hope you’re having a fine boring Monday. I know I can barely keep my head propped up. You’re in luck though, because I’ve got the latest installment of our Reader Response series.

To date we’ve given away a 2G iPod Shuffle and a Samsung Blackjack, in addition to 50 copies of M2 Convert. We’ll be giving away 50 more copies of M2 Convert this week and Friday, just in time for those New Year’s resolutions, one luck winner will walk away with a Nike + iPod adapter.

To give you an idea of its exercise efficiency, it’s singlehandedly converted Biggs from an indiscernible gelatinous mass into a slightly less gelatinous blob. How can you argue with those results really?

The rules are the same as always. To win, all you have to do is comment this week and enter a valid email address when you punch in your name. We’ll select a winner on Friday using our super secret formula (OK, really we just look at the top few commenters for the week and then which of them made the most insightful comments).