Holiday Decorations Hate WiFi, You

Hate’s maybe too strong a word, but holiday decorations certainly don’t like wireless networks according to a study done by AirMagnet, Inc. The company, which makes WiFi networking analysis and troubleshooting tools, kept an eye on network conditions before and after holiday decorations were added to office environments and noticed signal strength dipped by 25 percent after ornaments were “deployed.” (Ars Technica’s word, not mine.)

The company says the culprit is metal in the ornaments, but wants companies to generally be aware that any changes to an office environment can have an adverse effect on wireless network conditions. And of course, they should take advantage of AirMagnet’s tools and services.

Deck the halls with… WiFi blocking decorations? [ars technica]

EDIT: John apparently was more hip to the study than I was. Here’s a link to the press release from the company.