Microsoft's Zune Still Firing in the Dark

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Zune. Nevertheless, I have always questioned its WiFi connectivity. Early in its press campaign, I began to wonder whether Microsoft was putting too many eggs in the WiFi basket. The player itself is pretty solid, but for people to be able to share tracks on a scale that Microsoft publicizes implies that a lot of Zunes would be available for sharing.

Now, disregarding the fact that in my day-to-day, I leave my WiFi option off because it sucks so much power, I have tried to “Join the Social” in cities across the country. To this date, I have yet to have one successful attempt. Anywhere. Not even Times Square. It’s a month out, seems like some people should be socializing by now eh?

It appears, at least, that I’m not the only one having trouble socializing. CNET reporter Ina Fried carried a Zune across San Francisco. The trip yielded one Zune looking for love. While that’s 100-percent more action than my Zune has gotten, it’s still a significantly low number.

The important thing to consider too, is that San Francisco is essentially the technological mecca of the country. Consider one social Zune there, against my tests in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, etc. Where the hell are all the Zunes? I’m becoming so desperate for Zune-play that I might buy another one just so I can share tracks between my Zunes. Unless maybe that’s been Microsoft’s diabolical scheme all along.

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