MERC Decides 108 Keys Are Not Enough

When it comes to computer gear, there are really two schools of thought; the Apple school, which states that fewer buttons and streamlined interfaces are more elegant, thereby useful, and then there’s the Ideazon school, which states Holy Crappin’ Mary we need more buttons on this thing!

While I count myself as a member of the former, I think it’s still worth looking at the sheer number of buttons Ideazon has invested in this monstrosity. Aimed at gamers, the MERC has not five, not six, bur forty-frickin’-five dedicated keys to the left of your standard QWERTY keyboard.

We realize many gamers prefer keyboards for FPS games, that’s fine, but when the new hotness is the Wii’s style of game control, this is so going to be “that” peripheral at the Value Village in a year, trust us.

MERC Gaming Keyboard [Product Page, via Oh, Gizmo!]