Major Labels Trying Out DRM-Free MP3s

A lot of music lovers try to avoid purchasing CDs and digital downloads with copyright-protection schemes. These DRM methods restrict your ability and right to fair use. If you want to put that Journey CD on your iPod, then dammit, you should be able to. Seems that the major record labels like EMI are catching on finally. Major labels are trying out an experiment with DRM-free MP3s to gauge customer reactions and popularity.

Some people are claiming the move is to ensure that tracks can be played on Apple’s iPod, which is currently the most popular MP3 player on the market. EMI has released albums from bands like Relient K and Norah Jones in unrestricted MP3 format, hoping it catches on with consumers.

The move is a positive one for the major players in the music industry and catering to your customers is always important, but they still have a long way to go before fair use is widespread and DRM is extinct.

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