LG Chocolate To Get Windows Mobile Treatment

Talk about coming out of left field. LG’s Chocolate phone has become the new “must have” phone for Verizon customers. It even released the Chocolate in holiday colors, and we all know that when you start re-releasing a phone in multiple colors: it’s officially trendy. But in a surprise move, LG is going to start manufacturing a Chocolate with Windows Mobile 5.0 on it.

Mobility Today reports that the phone will be called KC1 and is due out in Korea first. Features include WiMAX support, 2.8-inch touch screen, 2-megapixel camera (score!), and a miniSD slot. Though the phone is debuting in Korea, expect it to spread out into other mobile markets during 2007. No word yet on pricing.

LG Chocolate Phone Goes Windows Mobile [Mobility Today via Slashphone]