Flashlight + Slippers = WTF

These are slippers with small flashlights built into the toe, to make navigating through your luxury penthouse late at night easier, without having to wake what’s-her-name from the club.

We say penthouse because, at $70, you have to be a person of considerable income to waste your money on this crap.

One nice feature, however, is the lack of a proper power switch. The lights are activated by stepping into the slipper. They’re powered by replaceable lithium batteries. The product page, linked below, says that in case of a power outage, you can use the slippers to find your emergency flashlight. Oh, really? How about some Mag-lite-strength slippers then, eh? That way I wouldn’t have to find my emergency flashlight. Maybe something like that 68-LED flashlight, one set for each foot. That’s 136 LEDs, friend. Or something with enough luminous power to start fires and burn your family alive. Why not that, we ask?

Look on the bright side, at least they’re not USB-powered. We’re sick of that crap.

Flashlight Slippers [Bim Bam Banana]