Official PSP DevKit Gets Pulled From eBay

Seems that yesterday, someone spotted an official Sony PSP Developer’s Kit on eBay. With a little less than 2 days left on the auction, the highest bid was only $329—lower than I would have expected. According to the auction, up for grabs was a PSP, cables, and a developer’s PC for programming and compiling games. The ultimate homebrewer’s fantasy.

From the forums:

” From what we’ve gathered, this station is used to both test and compile games for the PSP. It is not clear whether or not work-in-progress games are stamped with the official Sony digital signing algorithm (allowing it to work on the PSP without the need of homebrew hacks) with this hardware, but the winner of this auction will likely gather some sort of cool information that could be used for the benefit of the homebrew community.”

Unfortunately, the auction was eventually pulled by eBay. Looks like Sony found out that one of their “lesser-known” developers was trying to make a quick buck. However it’s probably only a matter of time before another one is listed in the near future. Kind of like OJ’s canceled book.

[PSP 3D]