Update: Antec Nine Hundred Very Quiet

So yesterday I mentioned a review from XYZ Computing on Antec’s Nine Hundred gaming desktop case. The big black box is loaded with three 120mm fans and one of Antec’s Big Boy 200mm fans, which the site reported, and in turn I did too, as being “not very quiet.” Well, now I’m starting to wonder if XYZ even turned the fans on.

Three other reviews make it a point to mention that the case is downright quiet, contrary to what one might think if you didn’t hear it first hand.

From Tom’s Hardware:

With four fans installed out of the box and room for three more, Antec manages to avoid all the noise that normally accompanies such a fan-laden box. Even the large 200-mm exhaust fan on top operates almost silently while pulling a sufficient amount of air out of the case. Overclockers will likely have some fun seeing what they can get out of a rig like this.

From Hardware In Review:

Speaking of the fans, you might think that the Nine Hundred would sound like a vacuum cleaner, but it’s actually the lowest-noise PC enclosure that I have here. Even when all of them are switched to the highest setting, the Nine Hundred still purrs right along. More than likely your video card and CPU fans will make significantly more noise than this chassis will.

From Club Overclocker:

Looking at that massive TriCool 200 mm fan from the inside reveals just how much bigger than a 120 mm it really is. Just like the 120 mm TriCool fans, the 200 mm is also adjustable with a tree position switch. I set this on medium and the fan silently pushes a ton of air. On high the fan is audible but for an overclocked system this fan can really pull hot air out of the top.

I’ve seen the case in person, but it was not turned on so I really can’t say first-hand if it’s loud or not. But right now it’s three to one in favor of the Nine Hundred being quiet despite its copious fanage.