Samsung SGH-F500: Damn That's Hot

Yesterday at the ITU Telecom 2006 show in Hong Kong Samsung showed off the SGH-F500, or Ultra Video, as the first handset to have native support for DivX. Yep, it’s a freakin’ phone. Pretty unlikely it’ll show up in the states anytime soon or ever, and we don’t usually report on such things, but it’s such a crazy design I wanted to make sure you all got a good look at it. The South Koreans are so far ahead of the US in gadgetry it makes me more than a little envious.

The phone actually has two faces: phone on one side with keypad and smaller screen, large screen and multimedia keys on the other. It has UMTS support on the 2,100MHz band and GSM/EDGE support on 900, 1,800, and 1,900MHz bands, and supports a ton of audio and video file types, including the previously mentioned DivX.

Samsung SGH-F500 absolutely rocks [ubergizmo via mobileburn]