CrunchGear Review: DS-Xtreme

The DS-Xtreme is a 512MB cartridge that allows you to play game backups and music, and allows you to run hombrew applications on your Nintendo DS. It fits right into the cartridge slot of your Nintendo DS, and even has customizable colored LEDs to give your DS some extra pep. The DS-X is as simple as it claims to be, all you have to do is connect the it to your computer via USB then drag and drop, and no drivers have to be installed. The DS-X mounts itself as a flash drive, and is recognized by both Macs and PCs. Some may find the DS-X’s 512MB of memory to be a bit on the small side, but that’s no reason to turn away from the card.

The DS-X’s interface is really what makes the card stand out. All you have to do to run a .NDS file or MP3 is turn on the DS, choose the icon that says app or music and then select the file you wish to start. The DS-X is marketed to play Nintendo DS backups, but users will probably find themselves downloading DS ROMs (.NDS files) off the internet and dropping them onto the card. That’s all it takes to play another Nintendo DS game on your DS. The Xtreme is more of a modchip (and a good one at that), than it is a media enhancer. Your only option for music playback is MP3, as the DS-X doesn’t recognize any other type of file format.

The DS-Xtreme runs for an expensive $125, but it is the best choice for anyone who wants to play backups with ease. If you’re OK with downloading ROMs, then you can say goodbye to ever purchasing a DS game again. If you’re thinking of the DS-X in that way, it’ll pay for itself by the time you download your third or fourth .NDS file.

DS-Xtreme [product page]