Belkin Cable-Free Hub: My Your Dongle Is Huge

Engadget got its hands on the wireless fun that is the Belkin Cable-Free USB Hub and did a tight little testing summary. And sadly, while yesterday I was pretty psyched about picking one of these up, after reading this it sounds like it’s just one more piece of tech flotsam that needs time to mature.

The upsides are that the hub is small, the setup was relatively painless and it does in fact wirelessly transfer data. Now for the suck: the dongle is huge (causing the reviewer to remove a peripheral plugged into an adjacent port), its range is less than good (6 feet compared to the “up to 30 feet” mentioned on the packaging) and the speeds were more like USB 1.1 than 2.0—probably the biggest disappointment.

Hands-on with Belkin’s Cable-Free USB Hub [engadget]