Sprint Ruggedizes New Flip for Special People

, Sprint has launched another Sanyo today, this one apparently aimed squarely at the retarded child market.

The SCP-7000 is an update to the boring 2400, adding a ruggedized exterior (featuring Dura-Grip®, much like our own Josh Goldman) and changeable faceplates. This means that when Mongo bangs it against the bars of his cage, it should still work.

In addition, it features parental control, meaning that Jim-Jim can only calls numbers on a pre-approved list, so that the rest of us will never know of the pain, loneliness and/or misery that he endures at the mill each day. A unit will only set you back $29.99, so if it gets waterlogged from drool, you’re not out that much.

SCP-7000 [Product Page]