Sony Has Faith In PlayStation 3

We were worried Sony might be a little thrown back with all the bad press the PlayStation 3 is receiving. I mean, changing the console’s management staff two weeks after the console was released isn’t the best of signs now, is it? Well, Sony stands strong behind its new console claiming the PlayStation 3 has even more processing power than it first claimed, and it’s harnessing the power to produce better games.

A heap more processing headroom than they initially anticipated and that this was resulting in the development of new gaming capabilities

VP of SCEE Paul Holman

Sony also plans on releasing keyboard and mouse add-ons for the PlayStation 3, allowing users to browse the internet and use any third-party operating systems running on the console with ease. Holman stated the PS3 will receive several firmware upgrades as developers find new ways to utilize the consoles features. And if the rumors of the PS3 being the last Sony console caught your eye, don’t worry, Holman also mentioned PS4:

To say that there will be no PS4 because of a management change is a bit far fetched

It seems Sony’s goal is to not only transform the PS3 into a gaming console unlike any before it, but to also make the PS3 as strong of a media center for home theaters, as it is a gaming console. Hopefully in the near future we will finally start to see what the PlayStation 3 is capable of, until then, all we can do is wait.

Sony Has Faith In PlayStation