Coffee-Modding Wakes Up

We’re all about modding your stuff here at the CG, from computer cases to cell phone unlock codes and everything in between. But sometimes something comes across our desks that make us take notice and wonder, “wha?” while still being very cool.

One such device is this majorly modded coffee maker. Not content with just making coffee, Tim in New York added a brain, read-out, and, yes, a Nintendo controller to his Rancilio Silvia, making it a truly personal coffe maker.

These types of undertakings are not for the faint of heart; these coffee makers are expensive, so skill is a must, as is know-how. If you’re serious about your coffee, though, it makes sense to take control and show Juan Valdez and his trusty donkey who’s the boss (Tony Danzy ftw btw).

Growdown Blog [Blogspot, via SlashGear]