Cingular Nabs Exclusive Jay-Z Content

Cingular will announce tomorrow the availability of exclusive Jay-Z content to its wireless customers. Subscribers with 3G access will be able to stream content from the Jay-Z Hangar Tour.

The Hangar Tour was a concert series that lasted just 24-hours where Jay-Z performed 30-minute shows in seven cities. Cingular users will have exclusive access to the material. It includes the performances as well as backstage, behind-the-scenes content. Subscribers will be able to access the material through MobiTV and MobiRadio beginning next week.

Users without 3G can purchase live performance ringtones and answertones of:

  • “Kingdom Come”
  • “PSA”
  • “U Don’t Know”
  • “30 Something”
  • “Jigga What”
  • “Give It To Me”
  • “Show Me What You Hot”
  • Additionally, Cingular has inked a deal with Napster to package the audio of the performances. It will be available in streams via Napster Mobile.

    Cingular launched last Friday its music service. It’s interesting to see them making moves with the service so quickly. Hopefully this is just the beginning of some interesting arrangements.

    Cingular Source