Antec Nine Hundred: My My, What Big Fans You Have

Those crappy little 90mm fans cooling your desktop just aren’t cutting it? Antec’s Nine Hundred “ultimate gamer case” sports three, 120mm fans with mounts for more, and a 200mm top-mounted fan. If you’ve never seen a 200mm fan in a case, it’s impressively large. To the point where you might feel the owner is over-compensating for other shortcomings. I’m speaking of course of their equipment processor and/or graphics card.

Anyhoo, XYZ Computing has a full write-up of the case, which is more thumbs-up than thumbs-down. The biggest problems are well, the fans. While they do keep things cool, they obviously add a lot of noise to the case. And since the case is entirely perforated up front, there’s a better than average chance those fans are gonna suck in a lot of dust.

There are a couple more pictures after the jump or you can head to the review (five pages of case-tastic fun) or product page for more details.