Kevin McDigg Lets Loose on iPhone, Blogosphere Goes Nuts

You get a couple of beers into Kevin Rose during a podcast, and what happens? All Hell breaks loose, that’s what. Kevin has a little bit of “inside information” on the iPhone. A clearly nervous Kevin “spills the beans” on some of the iPhone’s features, including it’s small form factor, slide-out keyboard, 4GB and 8GB flash RAM sizes, and innovative dual-battery design.

Why would you want two batteries in your cellphone? Check out the video clip after the jump to learn why you would, and a few other tidbits Kev lets slip.

We’re apologizing for the lack of sync in the video, we didn’t encode it. The interesting bit here is that Apple is apparently adding both GSM and CDMA radios into the iPhone, making it truly carrier-independent. Hopefully, it’s found a way to do this while retaining each standard’s 3G data connectivity, which would allow for streaming audio and video on the go. Now we’re a little geeked for January, for sure.