Seagate's CEO Is a Mr. Dirty Mouth

I’ve always had an admiration for stalwarts like Seagate and Maxtor. They’ve been around since those halcyon days of 286es and DOS, so I feel kind of protective about the brand and their products. Luckily, they’re in good hands with Bill Watkins.

I’ve never met the man, but apparently he’s a pip. Fortune is running selection of choice quotes including his opinion of Dell (“Now, it’s all about the consumer, and that’s why Dell is having problems. They don’t understand the consumer. They want a competitor to the iPod and what do they do? They go with Creative.”), Apple (“Steve Jobs looked at what was happening – people were loading music onto their computers and wanted to take it with them – and he built a product to solve that problem.”), and HP (“It’s good to know there’s a board of directors more dysfunctional than mine.”) It’s good to know the company is in good, if salty, hands.

Seagate CEO: I help people “watch porn” [Fortune]