Razer DeathAdder Strikes

You might remember the Razer Death Looms Near campaign that we mentioned a few weeks ago. The page had a few questionably relevant verses from Dylan Thomas’ famous villanelle “Do Not Go Gently Into That Goodnight” and it said to check back on Dec. 1. Well, today is the 1st and Razer has delivered the information as promised.

The new product is the DeathAdder gaming mouse. It utilizes a new third generation infrared technology that promises up to 1800dpi. The DeathAdder also promises 100Hz Ultrapolling and a 1ms response time. And it had ultraslick feet the ensure that the mouse glides fluidly with no aim sapping friction.

I remember the Boomslang being a huge deal when it dropped a bunch of years ago. At the moment though I’m inclined to believe the finest gaming mouse available is the Logitech G5. I am, however, intrigued to see how the DeathAdder stands up.

Product Page

Death Looms Near