Pinnacle's HDTV USB Stick Reviewed, Kicks Ass (on Macs, Too)

We’ve mentioned the $130 PCTV HD Pro Stick before and thought it was pretty slick, but haven’t actually had a chance to play with one yet. But that’s OK, as the magical elves over at EverythingUSB have done the work for us, and they’ve put together the most thorough review on the device we’ve seen, if not the most thorough of anything in the history of the world.

It’s worth a read, but we’ll break it down for you: It more or less rocks, though the software’s “quirky,” like Meg Ryan. The included antenna is well thought-out, and it’s Mac compatible, which, ya know, rules. And the “record for iPod” features are tempting.

The bad news after the jump.

We hope your laptop has some power, because the card itself has no HDTV decoder, so it relies on your laptop’s CPU. While this won’t be much trouble for you MacBook Pro owners, those with regular MacBooks or older laptops may have some trouble. To make it work best, put Sudoku away to watch 24, as you’ll need the muscle.
Pinnacle HDTV Pro Stick Review [Everything USB, via Slashgear]