Samsung YP-K3 DAP Looks Sexy As Hell

Now this is what we call a sexy MP3 player. Pictured above is the YP-K3, the successor to Samsung’s YP-K5 audio player. This bad boy has a great design and is supposedly Samsung’s thinnest player to date. Slated to debut during CES 2007, the YP-K3 will not feature a built-in speaker like it’s older sibling. Also, the display is now 1.8-inches and no one really knows how good it looks just yet. Judging by these delicious photos though, this is one MP3 player I’d actually buy that isn’t the iPod (which says a lot). When CES 2007 rolls around in January, we’ll definitely give you an update on this one.

Samsung YP-K3: The K5’s Little Brother, Sans Speaker [Gizmodo]