XM And Sirius In Talks For Merger

Whoa there. Out of nowhere comes an article on Ars that claims XM and Sirius are in “low-level merger talks” with each other. This would be absolutely fantastic for customers of the two services. You’d be able to get tons of music, better service, Howard Stern and Opie & Anthony, your favorite sporting events, and a ton of other features all from one provider. Not to mention improved quality in service for a lower cost.

Another great reason for a merger would be to try to get both companies out of debt. Currently, neither company is making a profit due to their operational costs and other expenses. CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio Mel Karmazin also said the following:

”I have focused my entire career on shareholder value and wealth creation. Often mergers allow for that. I combined my radio company with CBS, and I combined CBS with Viacom.”

Looks like someone’s out to make a few gajillion bucks and dominate satellite radio. We’ll keep you posted with any new merger news as this continues.

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