Verizon Censoring Youtube Content On VCAST

Big surprise here folks: Verizon is going to be censoring Youtube content when it brings it to VCAST in late December. For that $15 a month you shell out for VCAST, (which, truth be told, isn’t too terrible a service), you get “selected and approved videos that have the broadest appeal and highest entertainment value.” Oh hell yeah, videos of mentos and diet coke and cats running around. Just what I wanted.

Youtube has tons of great content to offer. Everything from live videos of my favorite bands to a video of a guy getting kicked in the nuts by a transvestite with a musical overlay of my favorite band. When Verizon goes and censors it, you can expect clean videos with no foul language, debauchery, or anything else that might be exciting. Right now Verizon is the only company doing this Youtube deal, but sometime in 2007 other companies will hop on. We’re going to bet that Sprint is next, then Cingular, and T-Mobile last. What do you think about this Youtube deal on Verizon?

Verizon To Censor YouTube For Cellphones [Gizmodo]