Extend Wii's WiFi Range

We know how it goes. You wait in line, punch preteens, and eat those nasty mall pretzels until finally your shiny new Wii is in your hands. You get it home, set it up, are all ready to really tackle the world of console online gaming, then pow! You realize your WiFi connection isn’t powerful enough to reach your living room from your mom’s basement.

Lucky for you, we’ve got your back.

Or, really, Seth Fogie over at informit does. In a five step process, Seth teaches you how to install an external WiFi antenna to your new gaming rig toy, so that you won’t have the need for pesky cables or moving your access point to a place closer to daylight.

We applaud the work of Mr. Fogie. His next project is a how-to on turning your PS3 into a 10,000-megawatt laser and hotplate, all powered via USB and the blood of virgins.

Adding an external antenna to your Wii