StealthPlug: Covert Sex Toy Or Guitar Accessory?

Aside from having a humorous product name, the StealthPlug from IK Multimedia is actually a decent looking accessory. On one end of a cable you have a standard 1/4” jack you’d plug into your guitar. On the other end, you have a USB cable to easily plug into your computer. The device also features 1/8” stereo output so you can record your tunes easily to an external device. This is what all traveling musicians totally want: an easy, hassle-free solution to allow recording on the road with a laptop.

Looks like you get some decent free software with it too. Titles include AmpliTube 2, Tracktion 2.1, SampleTank 2 SE, and 500MB in loop libraries. Not bad! The StealthPlug is on sale now and has an MSRP of $129.