JVC Announces Dual-Mode Noise Canceling Headphones

If you’re going to be flying this holiday, you may want to grab a pair of the recently released JVC HA-NC80 Headphones, as they’re “suited for travel.” These over-the-ear style headphones can give you all the protection you need from your mother-in-law with up to 75 percent noise reduction with two separate modes of noise cancellation. This is where stuff gets extreme: There’s a “wide” and a “low” setting for noise cancellation. “Wide” should be used for when you’re flying and “low” should be utilized when on a bus, train, or whatever else it is you’re on because you were too cheap to fly.

The JVC HA-NC80s require a AAA battery to operate and will be on sale for $59.95 in December. Not a bad price for a decent pair of headphones.