iPhone to Feature OS X?

Looks like today is Apple rumor day. Next up, we have some mongering on the highly speculated, extremely anticipated iPhone. This he-said-she-said device has been the source of more rumoring than anything I’ve ever seen or heard of. There have been about a million mock-ups and supposed release dates and yet, to date, not a single thing has gelled.

Now we have tenuous information proclaiming that the iPhone will run a truncated version of OS X Leopard (we’re going to run out of cats eventually). This could be Apple’s answer to Windows Mobile, or it could just be more fluff-for-hits. I’m not really sure.

What we do know is that we’ll probably see the iPhone at Macworld in January. It was widely reported that it’d launch initially on Cingular, but current information indicates that the iPhone will likely be unlocked. I guess we’ll see in about a month.

iPhone will sport mini OS X? [via WeekInMac.com]