Arriva Headphones Have Arriva'ed

I love it when companies I’ve never heard of say they have the “world’s best” whatever. It just takes me that much less time to prove them wrong. In this case it’s the Arriva headphone “system,” which the company claims is the “world’s best headphone platform on which to build the wireless headphone communications system.” Bad sentence structure aside, the headphones were designed and tested in the mountains of Colorado by active types i.e. snowboarders, skiers, ice and rock climbers, and moutain bikers.

From the looks of the set, I have no reason to doubt they’re a comfortable, one-size-fits-all, compact-fits-anywhere, almost-unoticeable-when-worn pair of headphones. And for $30 they’re probably worth the money. But with so many headphones on the market, especially for active users, are these squiggly things the world’s best?

There are more photos after the jump so you can see how they fold up and what they look like when worn. Also, if you decide you want to get a set for a holiday gift, you better order now, ’cause the wait time is four to six weeks.

Arriva Activewear Headphones [company site]