Wii Bit Of A Problem

More Wii problems to take some of the heat off the PlayStation 3. This particular error comes into effect when using WiiConnect24 to download the initial update for the console. IGN reports there are several error codes users are experiencing, but the codes 110213 and 32002 seem to be the common ones. Nintendo has acknowledged the problem, and you have a couple options, should you be unlucky enough to face this problem.

If you don’t have any important saved data on your console, you’re in luck. All you have to do is contact Nintendo, and it’ll send you a fresh new Nintendo Wii within 3-4 days. If you do, however, have important saved data on your Wii, you’ll have to wait for a shipping label from Nintendo, and send your system in for repair. The second option leaves you without a Wii for around 8-12 days, plus you’ll have to wait for the console to be shipped back to you. My advice: Forget the fact that for some reason you decided to collect 70 stars on Super Mario 64 and get a replacement console, there’s a better chance of the problem not recurring if you do.

Wii Bit Of A Problem [ign]