Slate Has The Balls To Criticize The Wii

So if you haven’t heard lately, you can get a huge spike in traffic by praising Nintendo’s Wii on your Website. However, if you dare criticize and hate on Nintendo’s “next-gen” console, prepare to alienate all your readers. Erik Sofge over at Slate has written an article called “Nintendon’t” in which he has the courage to point out that the Wii does in fact, have a flawed control system and that first-person shooters are terrible to play on the Wii.

I personally have been saying forever (and by that I mean the past three months) that the Wii is great for the casual gamer who wants cheap thrills for an hour. The graphics are terrible for a lot of games (though some are good, like Madden ’07) and that stupid-ass Wiimote shouldn’t be used for every single game. Glad to see that someone else in this industry actually can be critical of a system and its flaws.

Nintendon’t: The case against the Wii. [Slate]